Earimil & Heronswood (Diggers Club)

This visit as described by Howard

On 1st October 18 members attended the Mornington Peninsula garden tour.  First stop was Earimil where the proprietor, Elaine Smith, provided us with morning tea and a short talk about her garden.  The garden was absolutely beautiful.  We were allowed to roam freely around the garden and there were so many features; it would be hard to choose any particular one. I took 48 photos because everywhere I turned there was some new thing well worth taking a snap of.  At the end of the visit many members bought plants and memorabilia. We will have Elaine as our guest speaker at the club at our April meeting next year.  It was fortunate that we did the tour when we did, as the garden will be closed after summer.  She opens her garden as a charity fund-raiser and over the years has raised more than one million dollars for "Kids with Cancer".

After that we went to Heronswood.  The gardens were quite nice but failed by comparison with Earimil. Again we took advantage of the wide range of plants available to purchase.

Then we visited Ausplant.  It is a nursery specializing in Australian native plants.  They had over 20,000 plants and one could spend a long time walking around.  Near to each variety was a planted mature plant, so one could see what a seedling would look like when planted and matured. It was interesting and useful to know where it is and what it does.