Summer of Love

This is when the excitement begins. Will those new roses really look like those beautiful labels on them? Will we get great blooms like last year and will the wind, rain and hail leave them alone?

 By mid October we should see lots of new buds forming and have plenty of blooms by early November, when all of the rose shows are planned. To get there we need to complete the essential tasks needed during Spring: --

 --Apply a good fertiliser (Sudden Impact for Roses) by the first week in September and then again after the first flush is over at the end of November.

 -- Look out for aphids and take the necessary action

 --Start spraying with fungicides to prevent Black Spot.

 -- Remove all weeds and apply plenty of mulch once rain ceases! Probably around the end of October.

 Dead heading should start as soon as blooms die to stimulate repeat blooming.

Remember to Spray early morning or late evening when bees are not around.


Joy of Life


Fire and Ice

Brass Band

  • Europeana

  • Hannah Gordon

  • Valencia

  • Honky Tonk Blues

  • Monica

  • Double Delight

Ambridge Rose

Pierre De Ronsard

Peter Frankenfelt, a beautiful rose