The Club Secretary's great crop of Cucumbers (Summer 2018) Can you grow them like this?

Queen of the Night


The Queen of the Night cactus (Selenicereus grandiflora) is a very special plant as it only flowers at night. If you are early to bed and a late riser this plant is not for you as it only flowers during the hours of darkness. What is more it only flowers on one single night and once a year. JUne Gregory has one in her garden and sent in the attached photos with the following comments: --

"I Thought you might like to see these flowers that came out to party on New years eve  and last night but they go to sleep in  the day and only flower the one night . It is the first time it has flowered in about 20 years since I have had it we are no to sure how long  it has been here". 

  • Howard has been growing a few large pumpkins. Unfortunately we do not have any weights as they are too heavy for him to lift onto the scales Note the bucket underneath to support the pumpkin

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