Fruit Trees in the home Garden--Winter

Satsuma Plums ripen in Mid-January and are ideal for jam, bottling etc. Protection from birds is usually essential.

Winter Pruning  takes place during June to September. Start with Plums and Apricots as they will flower first in August, followed by Peaches and Nectarines. Apples and pears can be left until late September. If you are not very knowledgeable about how to prune fruit trees, you will find plenty of excellent videos on the internet for all the different fruit trees.

Leave applying fruit tree fertiliser (Gigantic from Neutrog is ideal) until September as heavy rain may wash it away before the new roots can absorb it.

 New trees are best planted in July. When planting put some Seamungus in the bottom of the hole, cover with a small amout of soil and then fill in with good soil. Never use new fertiliser or chicken manure as this may burn the new roots.

Keep weeds away from the base of all fruit trees.

 Peaches, Plums & Apricots grow well in this area.

Suggested varieties: --

Plums: Satsuma, Mariposa (these two should be planted together as they cross pollinate to produce heavier crops). Santa Rosa is self fertile but improves if Mariposa is used as a pollinator. Frontier is another good variety.

Apricots: The old Moorpark is still a widey grown favourite, plus Trevatt, Hunter & Earlicot.

Nectarines: Goldmine, Arctic Rose and Anzac are all white fleshed and freestone. Flavortop is an excellent yellow fleshed freestone variety for eating, cooking, drying or bottling.

Peaches: Anzac is early maturing and freestone. Redhaven and Golden Queen are well proven favourites with the late season Golden Queen excellent for bottling.

Satsuma Plums

Growing Citrus

Citrus varieties grow well in the Warragul & Drouin area. In fact they are probably the easiest and most rewarding of all fruit to grow.

Recomended Varieties: --

 Lemons: Lisbon, Eureka and Meyer

 Oranges: Washington Navel, Valencia

 Mandarins : Emperor,Imperial, Afourer (also known as Murcott)

 Limes; Tahitian, Kaffir, Australian Limes.

Grapefruit: Marsh, Ruby.

 Cumquats:Marumi, Ngami, Variegated

 NOTE: Double grafted trees with two varieties can save space as can those grafted onto dwarf rootstock.

Washington Navel Oranges with Valencias beginning to ripen at rear, Note the weed free area around the trees.


  • Cumquats

  • Australian Lime

  • Lemons beginning to ripen

  • A Simple method to protect Strawberries, using 19mm irrigation pipe, short canes and bird net.