Lawn Care in Spring

 Cape Weed, which is hard to kill once established in a lawn, starts to flower in September.  Spray with one of the available weedkillers.The Yates product is usually very efficient, when applied at the recommended rate and is actually about the cheapest. It is important to remember not to make the strength of the solution stronger than recommended, as this will damage the grass. Also do not mow within 4 days either side of the application. A second application at a month's interval may be necessary to completely kill 'Old Man' Cape Weed.

At the beginning ofSeptember there is still time to sow new lawns or patch older ones, providing or course that you are prepared to provide water during the summer months. Compared to Autumn sown lawns, those sown in Spring will not have roots down deep and may dry out.

 The alternative to using seed is to purchase turf and, looked after, will establish  quickly. The use of a special fertiliser at planting time will pay dividends. Remember when mowing in summer to keep the blades high. Scalping will lead to drying out quickly.

 Neutrog's 'Sudden Impact for Lawns' is an excellent product for re-juvenating lawns.