Lawn Care in Autumn/Winter

Well, summer this year has not been a difficult one, as far as keeping a good lawn healthy. Plenty of rainfall at regular intervals has meant green lawns throughout and not much room for weeds to grow in those bare patches. However, be ready for those weed seedlings to poke their heads up wherever they can, especially Cape Weed which is hard to kill once established in a lawn. Wait until the weeds have a few main leaves and then spray with one of the available weedkillers.The Yates product is usually very efficient, when applied at the recommended rate and is actually about the cheapest. It is important to remember not to make the strength of the solution stronger than recommended, as this will damage the grass. Also do not mow within 4 days either side of the application.

March - May is the ideal time, while the soil is still warm, to estabnlish new lawns. Have the area nice and firm before applying seed and the use of a fertiliser specially prepared for application at the same time as the seed will pay dividends. Do not use a regular lawn fertiliser as this will likely burn the roots of the new grass.Where areas are difficult to break-up because of heavy clay, use Gypsum.

For Established lawns a small dressing of lawn fertiliser before expected rain will likely have an exciting response. Do not apply too much fertiliser during the cold months as this is likely to be washed away by heavy rain before the soil warms in the Spring and the grass is able to use it. Neutrog's 'Sudden Impact for Lawns' is an excellent product for re-juvenating lawns.