Lawn Care in Winter

Good lawn care in winter is essential if we are to have an attractive and sound lawn in summer. The aim is to get the grass to have a good deep root system with which it can keep the top healthy as long as possible before Summer watering is necessary.

Weeds should be removed by hand or spray application. Broadleaf weed killers such as Yates Lawn Weeder applied as directed will kill most weeds that infest lawns. Then a suitable lawn fertiliser can be applied to give the grass a boost. Alternatively the application of a "Weed & Feed" product can be easier to use (but not always as successful). Whichever product is used follow instructions carefully so that damage to the grass does not occur.

Do not cut the lanw too low during winter, the grass is using leaves to absorb sunlight in its production of chlorophyl. Scalping the lawn will not only slow down growth on top but slow down the production of those essential new roots.

Apply fertiliser in June and again in September as the earth is warming.