This is the time of year when we aim to get going by planting so many seeds or seedlings. However, it is important for there to be a good soil temperature and not too wet. Cold wet conditions can often lead to some seeds rotting in the ground rather than germinating, Sow seeds of peas, Snow Peas, Beetroot, Carrots, Radishes,Turnips Spring Onions and Beans. The latter can be started in trays or pots in the greenhouse. Otherwise to get a good crop plant around the end of September when soils warm and are nor waterlogged.

 Beds should have been prepared in winter with the addition of compost or Seamungus plus lime. THen at planting a small amount of Gigantic can be encorporated or use a watering of Harvest after the seedlings have shown signs of growth.

Peas planted early will matire just before Christmas. Planted later than mid-October they will probably not handle hot days unless given some shade.

Early planting of tomatoes, using well-forward plants can work well for early tomatoes, but immediaately after planting they may need protection from bad weather.