This is the month when the whole vegetable garden comes into use. The soil is now warm enough to sow any seeds including Sweetcorn, Pumpkin, Zuccinis, Beans & Cucumber, and expect good germination. Peas do not like the hot summer sun so the last lot should be sown by mid October and with luck should be ready for Christmas.

 Now is the time to apply mulch to retain the moisture and reduce the amount of watering needed. Place good strong stakes next to Tomato plants as they are planted. Putting them in place later may cause damage to the roots and slow growth. Apply fertiliser to just about everything and look out for pests like slugs, snails. caterpillars and aphids. Apply snail bait especially where seedlings are appearing, as this is the time when these pests can decimate your crop overnight.

 Hoe between the rows of plants regularly so that weeds to not make use of the fertiliser that has been applied,

Peas can be grown well during Spring but hate the hot sun. Shade is necessary from Christmas to mid-March.

Spread some Snail Pellets around to prevent damage as seeds are germinating

  • Neat rows make it easier to hoe and keep the weeds down

  • Winter sown Broad Beans and Garlic really mature fast in early Spring