Vegetable Gardening in Summer

The weather has been particularly hot early this year which means supplyin enough water to keep vegetables growing. Some, such as peas and lettuce,hate the heat and may require some shade. This can be acieved by planting tall varieties like sweetcorn alongside to protect them. Alternatively this can be achieved by erecting shadecloth.

Preparations can be made now for the growing of winter vegetables. Seedlings of Brussell Sprouts should be planted early to obtain a good crop. Protection from the assault of the for ever present caterpillars of White Butterfly should be put in place by using vegetable dust, spraying with Mavrik or covering with a very fine net.

Seeds of Cabbage. Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale and Onions can all be sown in the shade house or the greenhouse. Preparation of the soil where winter vegetables are to be grown should involve the inclusion of Searle's 5-in-1, rotted compost or Seamungus pellets to enrich the soil. After digging over a covering of Garden Lime, or better still Dolomite lime, should be applied. Let weed seedling appear and then dig fork over again.