Vegetable Gardening in Winter

Activity in the Vegetable garden during July and August should concentrate on the preparation and enriching of the soil, ready for spring planting. Empty the compost bins and dig in the compost about a spades depths. For many years blood and bone has been a favourite to apply in winter as it takes about 4 months to be broken down by soil bacteria and become available as a plant nutrient. The Neutrog product Seamungus is also an excellent alternative soil improver. Lime should be applied at this time of year. Spread it accross the surface and after rain lightly fork it over.

 Winter vegetables such as Cabbage, Cauliflower, Brocolli, Kale and Lettuce are best planted as seedlings, while Spinach and Parsley planted now will be ready in early spring. Garlic and Shallots can also be planted. Plant potatoes mid-August but watch out for late frosts, covering with soil or newspaper