The most important aspect of gardening in summer is the need to provide adequate water. The best time to install permanent systems is in winter but various methods are available. Although the main pipes can remain untouched it is worthwhile having the sprinklers themselves able to be moved, if there is evidence of water shadows being created by larger plants that stop adequate water getting to some of the smaller ones. 

 From February onwards it is time to begin preparing for winter vegetables. Sow seed of Broccoli,Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts and Cauliflower. Onion seed can also be started in March ready for planting out in May. Harvest Shallots and Garlic and store in a dry place. Save Bean seeds and freeze any extra corn cobs.

If the weather is wet or humid make sure any developing pumpkins and water melons have a dry area underneath. Protect tomatoes from birds by using suitable nets.