This is that time of year for which we have been waiting. Buds have formed and by the middle of October the early varieties like Just Joey and Double Delight will begin to flower. By the beginning of November there should be a flush of many varieties, but some of the later ones like Bonica, Bella Rosa and Sexy Rexy, often leave it to well into November before they are at their best.

 Plenty of Mulch should be in place, watering systems (preferably drippers) should be tested and operational and aphid problems taken care of. Now is the time to start spraying to prevent fungus diseases like Black Spot. Triforine will prevent it but not cure it, so an early start is worthwhile.

 If you are considering entering in the several Rose Shows, start disbudding early in October. Bunches of Floribundas really improve if the central bud is removed early on. Then all the rest flower at about the same time.

 Once the first flush is over start dead heading about the end of November and apply a small amount of Rose Fertiliser, watering it in well. 

  • Europeana

  • Joy of Life

  • Best Friend

  • Honky Tonk Blues

  • Brass Band

  • Double Delight

Ambridge Rose

Pierre De Ronsard

Peter Frankenfelt, a beautiful rose