Chicago Peace

 This is what we have all been working towards. Roses are at their very best in November. Some varieties like Just Joey and Double Delight produce their first flowers early while others like Bonica, Seafoam  and Jane McGrath will not flower until well into November.

 Remember to dead head and spray against Blackspot (with Triforine) regularly. Apply a small amount of fertiliser around the end of the month.

 Use a good fertiliser. Neutrog "Sudden Impact for roses" is used by almost all the National rose Gardens including Flemington where it is used on more than 16,000 bushes.

 There are also good reports from local rose growers of Black Marvel.  Other formulations may be cheaper but remember roses are heavy feaders and respond to a well formulated product. 


  • Nearly Wild

  • Europeana

  • Joy of Life

  • Best Friend

  • Honky Tonk Blues

  • Brass Band

  • Double Delight

Ambridge Rose

Pierre De Ronsard

Peter Frankenfelt, a beautiful rose