June brings with it the important work that will have a big impact on next summer's display, replacement or new plantings and pruning. Consideration must be made as to which new roses to buy bare-rooted and which they are to replace.

Having made your decision remove the old bush and then take out about a barrow load of soil and replace it with new soil that has not had roses growing in it for at least two years. Dig the new soil over, encorporating animal manure and some Seamungus.  Buy the new plants from a well respected nursery like Kurinda (their plants are of outstanding quality this year) during June and July and when planting put a handful of Seamungus into the bottom of the hole. Water in well and do not let roots dry while waiting to be planted.

Pruning should begin about the middle of June but leave it for a few weeks in areas that are prone to heavy frosts. New shoots can be badly damaged by frosts. Prune climbers first and then prune all bush roses and standards, cutting out old wood and spindly shoots, then pruning back the rest by about a half to two thirds. Shape the bush and open the centre to let in the sunlight.

 Standards are just a bush rose on a long stem, so just prune them in the same way. Remember to remove old ties and replace with new ones. When pruning climbers remove old canes first and then prune back the side shoots on the others to about two buds. Carefully tie any new canes into place and tie in firmly.

 After pruning spray with lime sulphur both over the whole bush and around underneath. Better still, remove all old mulch and dead leaves as these can carry over fungal diseases to next year. A month later spray again with a copper-containing product, mixed with white oil to get rid of any aphids that are overwintering in crevices in the bark. If you get heavy rain within 48 hours re-spray. Apply Seamungus and a good dose of garden or Dolomite Lime. This is a good time to check that watering systems are working well. Ants will often clog the sprinkler heads.

Mid to late August apply Sudden Impact for Roseswatering it in before adding new Mulch


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