Chicago Peace

 April is the beginning of the Rose year when we prepare for the coming season. Some bushes will continue to produce flowers right into May but dead-heading will not give time for new flowers to be produced before winter. So just trim to tidy where necessary until the main winter pruning in the middle of June. Do not begin winter pruning too early as the promotion of new shoots may make the susceptible to frost damage.

 Remove old and spent bushes. Dig out about a barrow load of soil and replace with soil that has not been used for growing roses. Select new bushes and plant between Mid May and the end of June.

Prepare new rose beds by digging deep and encorporating plenty of manure or compost. Mushroom compost is particularly suitable. Before planting give the bed a good dressing of lime.


  • Nearly Wild

  • Europeana

  • Joy of Life

  • Best Friend

  • Honky Tonk Blues

  • Brass Band

  • Double Delight

Ambridge Rose

Pierre De Ronsard

Peter Frankenfelt, a beautiful rose