September/ October

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October is the month when it all starts to happen, with the roses all beginning to bloom for the new season but September is the crucial month when things can go wrong. In particular infestations of the dreaded aphids can ruin the blooms before the buds have a chance to appear. In addition fungal diseases such as Blackspot & Downey Mildew can damage foliage.

 Aphids must be removed either by washing them off with the hose or with soapey water. Sprays such as pyrethrin are also effective but the use of Confidor, a systemic insecticide, will give up to a month's protection. Spraying with Triforine will protect against fungal disease but must be applied before the problem occurs. Cofidor or Pyrethrin and Triforine can be mixed together and applied at the same time. Do not spray when bees are around.

 Mulch such as Pea Straw or Sugar Cane mulch should be applied before hot weather dries the soil, to preserve moister and save on water.

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