These two months should give us the final flush of colour which is often more vivid than at any time of the flowering season. With relief from the hot summer sun, strong colours are seen in Autumn. If the bushes have been trimmed back 45-55 days before Easter there should be that "WOW' colour all over the garden.

 Aphids (see below) are usually more active in Spring as the new shoots appear but with current weather conditions, they are very busy and unless action is taken can ruin the display.

 Keep up the spraying routine and a change from Triforine to Mancozeb is often worthwhile at this time as the latter also controls Mildew which often appears in the Autumn.

 April is often considered to be considering what new roses we want to buy and perhaps obtaining those colour catalogues or searching the internet. Start preparing the soil well before planting. Remember our sponsor Kurinda Rose Nursery has over a hundred varieties which are offered bare-root starting in June. Strong well-grown plants will outshine those that are offered in supermarkets.

Aphids do not need to mate and lay eggs but can produce live young asexually. So they do not take long to reach plague proportions which will destroy complete shoots if action is not taken

Fire and Ice

Brass Band

  • Europeana

  • Joy of Life

  • Valencia

  • Honky Tonk Blues

  • Monica

  • Double Delight

Ambridge Rose

Pierre De Ronsard

Peter Frankenfelt, a beautiful rose