Future Meetings

 July 22nd. Joy Vikas:"Some Weeds are Really Useful"

                 Joy has in the past made a study of weeds which can be useful. For instance Dandelion is incorporated into 'Dandelion and Burbock' and after all a weed is only "A plant in the Wrong Place". Joy will describe a number of useful weeds.

August 26th Annual Plant Sale. THis is the meting at which Members bring along 'All things Gardening' that are surplus to requirements (Plants, Pots, Spades, Rakes etc) The club benefits from this annual event.

September 23rd. Sproutwell Greenhouses: Arepresentative from this company will describe its range of Greenhouses and other products.

 October 28th. Christine Corbidge: Growing Irises. Christine has a beautiful garden which we will visit during November. She is a keen grower of Irises and also an expert flower arranger.

 November 25th Meeting speaker to be confirmed, Christmas Dinner to follow.

Meetings are held at the Warragul Senior Citizens' Centre on the 4th Monday of each month at 9.45am(doors open 9.00am).

 Exhibits to be benched for judging by 9.30am.

New members most welcome. Just come along to a meeting as listed above or contact Judy on 0427 236 180





June Dineen instructs members how to apply the basic principles of Flower Arranging

  • Leni Teng demonstrates the growing of Vegetable Seedlings

  • Lindi Garnett talks about Salvias

  • Alex Mentiplay describes division and re-potting Orchids

Judging Monthly Exhibits